Fresh Server Launch!
Hellfire will relaunch! 

The team has decided to relaunch, details will be announced over the next few days. Some initial statements:

* T4 and T5 will be available on release
* There will at least be 2 stress tests before launching. The first stress test will be this Saturday, starting 18:00 server time,
* The new Server will launch as 1 - 70, with 3x exp for 1-60 and 1.5x exp for 60 - 70
* We will keep the current server running with its instant 70 feature

The instant 60 feature still remains under discussion and is not set in stone. We're weighing pros and cons for it. More details to follow in the next days!

Hellfire continues!

Instant 70 boost now available and permanent!
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Patch 2.1 now live!
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Server Status: Online
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